Single Door Modules

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A member of the StorLogix - Falcon XT system.

Note: As of 8/1/2015, the SDM is no longer being offered for sale. Repair or replacement of in-warranty Single Door Modules will continue until July 31, 2016 as long as quantities are available. More information can be found here.

Features of Single Door Modules

• Plug-and-play expansion for the Falcon XT system.

• Two-modes: Door ControllerTerm for the Falcon XT, Falcon Base Unit, or Master Security computer that ‘controls’ AI Devices. and Programmable.

• Mounts into industry standard junction boxes.

• Built-in Wiegand port pre-programmed to interface with multiple formats.

• Can directly drive and power a single door strike.

• Four supervised door contact inputs.

• One dry-contact relay output.

PDF Files available for download


Single Door Module Installation Manual