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LogixServer is a program used by StorLogix to communicate between the Falcon XTHardware controller used in conjunction with StorLogix software to control AI Devices at a site. controller and the PC. The troubleshooting steps will vary depending on which type of hardware connection you are using.

In all cases, the first few steps are the same.

  • Make sure that the controller has not lost power. (Plugs coming loose, transformer unplugged, fuses blown, breakers tripped, etc.)
  • By far the most common hardware issue is a disconnected cable. This could be a RS-232 cable that is not fastened down to the PC port, or to the Falcon XTHardware controller used in conjunction with StorLogix software to control AI Devices at a site., by its thumbscrews. If a USB adapter is being used, the adapter can be loose in the USB port.[1] Start at one end of the communication path and work your way towards the other end, checking each connection as you go.
  • Check that your Windows power settings[2] are set to NOT let the PC "hibernate" or "sleep". If the machine goes into this state it will stop communications on its COM and USB ports and the LogixServer software cannot recover without being shut down and restarted. Set these options to the "Never" setting.
    1. Connection using a 9 pin serial cable:
  • Make sure a communications port appears under the Device Properties of Microsoft Windows for the communication port(s) installed on the PC.
  • Rerun the LogixServer Setup wizard. Step 3 should show the communication ports installed on the PC.
  • Make sure the baud rate selected in the LogixServer Setup WizardAn application within StorLogix that takes the operator through a series of steps to easily setup a function. is set at 115200. Any baud rate above 115200 will not work.
  • Remember that serial cables have a maximum length of 50 feet.


  1. Note that if you disconnect a USB adapter and reconnect it, you should plug it back in to the same port. Using a different port may cause the USB to serial driver to stop working and introduce another problem into the system that has the same symptoms as the problem you are trying to fix!
  2. These power settings are typically located in your Windows Control Panel / Power Options menu.