Digitech Matrix Door Alarm - Keypad Board

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Digitech Matrix Door Alarm - Keypad Board

Notes on the Digitech Matrix Door Alarm - Keypad board

Prior to July of 2007, hard wired door alarms were connected to the Digitech System ControllerTerm for the Falcon XT, Falcon Base Unit, or Master Security computer that ‘controls’ AI Devices. via these multiplexers on an RS-485 network. The multiplexers were replaced at that time by the new Unimux. These old style muxes are no longer supported and must be replace with a Unimux.

The new Unimux is capable of connecting to the door alarm trunk wires using the existing alarm connection plugs from the old multiplexer without having to disconnect the wires from the plugs. DownloadTo copy information from a main source or computer into a peripheral, for example copying a file from the internet into your local computer. the document below for instructions on how to swap an old mux to the new Unimux. Please refer to the section on the Unimux for more information on how to order the correct hardware to do this.

In addition, these old muxes were capable of connecting up to four Digitech Standard Keypads as a Keypad Expansion MuxDoor Alarm Multiplexers take multiple inputs from individual door contacts and convert them to a single output back to the controller. Camera Multiplexers are similar in that they take multiple inputs from different cameras and create a single output back to the recorder.. The new Unimux also takes over this function with the appropriate daughterboards installed.