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(PDF Files available for download)
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[http://www.ptisecurity.com/download/digigate-700-system-installation-manual-including-uni-mux/ DigiGate Installation Manual]
[http://www.ptisecurity.com/?wpdmdl=2500 Digitech System Installation Manual]

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A member of the DigiWin - Syscon system.

Features of the Digitech Unimux

• On-board optical isolation offers superior surge protection.

• Low cost for installation.

• Two on-board relays.

• Several daughterboardModules that are installed in a Digitech Unimux. There are 3 different types of daughterboards, each with a different function. configurations available.

• Support for one (22 doors) to five (110 doors) door alarm daughterboards.

• Support for one (4 relays) to four (20 relays) relay daughterboards, plus two on-board relays.

• Support for legacy Digitech 11-wire matrix configurations using the matrix daughterboard.

PDF Files available for download

Pdf.png DigiGate Installation Manual