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A member of the [[List_of_Equipment_for_StorLogix_-_Falcon_XT_systems|StorLogix - Falcon XT system]].
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A member of the StorLogix - Falcon XT system.

Features of the Falcon XTHardware controller used in conjunction with StorLogix software to control AI Devices at a site. ControllerTerm for the Falcon XT, Falcon Base Unit, or Master Security computer that ‘controls’ AI Devices.

• Support for as many as 10,000 units and 10,000 users.

• Connect via TCP/IP locally and/or remotely.

• Support for remote annexes with dial-up modems and automated sharing of a single connection.

• Ability to centralize your site data.

• Lighting, Elevator, and multi-area access control.

• UL-294 Listing in the United States and Canada. CE Mark for approved distribution in the European Union.

• On-board Ethernet, USBA data port connection type that supports higher speed data transfer than RS232., and RS-232 connectivity.

• Storage of up to 40,000 events in safe, non-volatile memory.

• Two industry standard Wiegand inputs.

• 12V DC power supply on board with battery backup.

• Hundreds of configurable access levels and time schedules.

LogixScriptSettings within StorLogix that allows a site to create custom scripts that will trigger certain things to occur if the conditions are met. For example, a site could use LogixScript to turn on a coffee pot if the manager logs on the site before 9:00 am but not turn it on if the manager logs on the site after 9:00 am. These scripts are very customizable and can be used to do almost anything that could be needed for a custom site setup with relays and conditions. capabilities for the greatest in configuration options.

• Thousands of flexible input and output points for end-to-end solutions.

PDF Files available for download