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The PTI Brand of access control consists of the StorLogix software in conjunction with the Falcon XT controller.

You can see a List of Equipment for StorLogix - Falcon_XT systems here.

Hardware Troubleshooting


To troubleshoot hardware problems for Falcon Systems, click Here

Software Troubleshooting


Troubleshooting Software Problems - StorLogix

For older Falcon Base UnitPrevious hardware controller used to control remote devices at a site. Information from this unit sometimes may be uploaded to StorLogix as part of a site upgrade to the new product. systems, go here instead.


Troubleshooting Software Problems - Falcon 2000

General System Questions


General questions for PTI systems.

EasyCodeA mobile application for tenants which allows them to use their phone or tablet for access in to or out of a facility. Also shows the tenant activity and alarms associated with their unit(s). Requires StorLogix 5.0 or above. Mobile Application


EasyCode Mobile Application.