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• ‘QMS Mode’ switch built-in for [[Quantum]] customers.
• ‘QMS Mode’ switch built-in for [[Quantum]] customers.
• [http://www.ptisecurity.com/help/storlogix/| Online Help Documentation].
• [http://www.ptisecurity.com/help/storlogix| Online Help Documentation].

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A member of the StorLogix - Falcon XT system.

Features of StorLogix

• Hundreds of customizable system messages.

• E-mail alert communications for managers and tenants.

• Customizable Event Views.

StorLogix Mobile, Control from your mobile device when and wherever you are.

• Control multiple properties locally, over the Internet, or with Dial-Up modems from one computer.

• Enhanced Reporting Capabilities.

• Badge Printing and Photo ID Capable.

• Works with Microsoft® Windows® 8.

• ‘QMS Mode’ switch built-in for Quantum customers.

Online Help Documentation.

PDF Files available for download


StorLogix 4 Update (includes support for Mobile app)